Shipyard Brewing


June is here and we're kicking off the pig events TONIGHT with a weekend full of live music, great food and beer.

First off, jam with Mosart212 and 32French tonight because it's First Friday! Then tomorrow check out Prime the Pump...part of our Slammin' Saturday 2-part series. Part 2, Pump that Beat joins up on Saturday, 6/11.  Next, get ready for Rally, Austin's Street Brewery's newest exclusive beer release, with DJ M0M and The Highroller Truck. And to round out every Sunday, our favorite acoustic blues man James Wholey.

We're changing up The Exchange this month, into The Exchange-idol where the top performances can get their own gig. Plus, don't forget our special MOE. Happy Hour 6/16, featuring live music, and a chance to win tickets to the show.

Along with Austin Street's Rally, we're excited to have 2 other exclusive beer release party's this month...Banded Horn's annually anticipated Greenwarden Release on 6/8 and Shipyard's Estival on 6/21 to pair with our Summer Kick Off. 

For all you ladies, we're opening up the deck early and filling it with goodies for YOU on 6/19 for a Pre-Open Shopping Party with LulaRoe. So grab a mimosa all before your brunch reservation!

And finally our annual, DECK JAM for Old Port Fest 2016 takes place next Sunday with Bissell Brothers, God Damn Chan and Don Damiani! 

Last but not least, be sure to check out our weekly sausage specials, and Brewer Dog of the month. This month we feature the Bissell Brothers! So please check out The Noah and The Peter...and their spankin' new brewery at Thompson's Point!

Happy June!