Pig Crew with Fore River Co-owner  John   LeGassey and Vacationland Rep John Squadrito.

Pig Crew with Fore River Co-owner John LeGassey and Vacationland Rep John Squadrito.

Yesterday we closed up shop...for the first time ever for a beer-filled staff day. With Maine Beer Tours we were able to visit 3 breweries in Greater Portland.

Allagash Brewing with its impressive yet down-to-earth facility, we sipped on EvoraCoolship Red and Tiarna while learning about the processes and involved in producing their beers.  Usually you hear hops and malt. It was very cool to go the next step and learn about some of the yeast and fermentation involved too. 

Road trip games

Road trip games

Next stop, we were fortunate to attend the industry party for the new Fore River Brewing in South Portland. Immediately, you're blown away by the craftsmanship of the building the three owners, Alex, John and TJ built by hand. And the beer did not dissapoint. 3 beers were available, John Henry, the milk stout, Timberhatch, an Irish Red and Lygonia and IPA. All delicious, but don't take our word for it. Try them for yourself at the release party today!

Last stop was Maine Beer Co. They're signature motto "Do What's Right" really resonates before you even enter the parking lot and see the giant solar panels. You can make a great beer while being respectful to your surroundings, and their commitment to both is honorable. After sipping on their available brews on tap like the Imperial Stout, Pilot 9 on Nitro and "good ole" Mean Old Tom, finishing off the day with Dinner a Double IPA was the perfect end to an amazing day.

It was a great bonding experience between our small crew. We're so fortunate to be in the center of the top craft beer industry in the nation. Which is why we're excited to unleash another great year of great brews to the Portland community. 

Thank you Maine Beer Tours!

Thank you Maine Beer Tours!

Special thanks today goes to our tour guides,  our sales rep Josh from Allagash, Fore River co-owner John and Margaret from Maine Beer Company. Thank you to Mark and Maine Beer Tours for driving us around, we had a great time! Thanks to Maine Brewer's Guild for continuing to support and guide our local brewers in providing the quality craft beer Maine is so renowned for today.  

And thank you to the brewery owners for letting us tour your facilities. They were all a valuable experience that will resonate with every pour at the pig.